Pete Slosberg announced as speaker at the Brewers Guild awards week conference

Brewing maverick Pete Slosberg will be sharing his adventures with conference attendees. From trying to make wine and not having the patience to wait the five years for maturing, to travelling around South America every year giving talks on brewing and doling out his wisdom and experience.

Pete never drank alcohol until he met his wife and didn't like beer until he was 29 when he crazily tried home brewing.  He and his business partner Mark (also a non-drinker) started Pete's Brewing in 1986 with the goal of treating their beer with reverence, but everything else with IRreverance.  

Pete's Wicked Ale was their first beer and its success and medals became the inspiration that started the American Brown Ale judging category. Pete's pushed the envelope by also innovating.  It was the first with four seasonals; the first with large format everyday beers for sampling; the first craft brewer to sell in cans; and the first to nationally push beer education.  In its first decade, Pete’s Brewing’s sales more than doubled every year and in the last of those first 10 years, sold 500,000 hecto-litres alone.  The company was sold in 1998 to Gambrinus from Texas which discontinued Pete's about 7 years ago.  Also in 1998, Pete wrote the bestselling book: "Beer for Pete's Sake"

In 2009, Pete was in South America and struck up a conversation with 2 Argentine brewers and between the three of them, they co-founded The South Beer Cup, a South American wide Conference and Competition that is now in its 8th year. 

On the side, Pete has become a mentor with SCORE, a national non-profit that gives out free business consulting to Small Businesses all over the United States.

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Cathrine Van Venrooy