Introducing New Executive Director of Brewers Guild

On behalf of the Brewers Guild of New Zealand I am delighted to introduce Sabrina Kunz as our newly appointed Executive Director. 

Sabrina’s appointment is the culmination of a change process that started at the 2016 AGM and represents a significant milestone for the Guild as we look to continue to deliver increased value to our members, sponsors and the wider Brewing Industry. 

Sabrina brings strong Industry Association, Governance and NGO experience to the new role and has a passion for helping organisations to change and grow. Based in Christchurch she will be working closely with our Executive Officer Cathrine van Venrooy and the Guild Executive to deliver increased value for Members and Supporters of the Guild.  

As Executive Director Sabrina’s role is to transform our volunteer organisation into a high performing, high value industry organisation for our member Brewers and the brewing community. Key to this is gaining a clear understanding of the issues that are most important to our major stakeholders and Sabrina will be working hard to engage with the industry in the months leading up to the AGM and Brewers Guild of New Zealand Awards in September. 

Please join me in welcoming Sabrina to the Guild.   

Jonathan Alve
Brewers Guild of New Zealand

Cathrine Van Venrooy