Beer Writer of the Year Award 2018 - Entries Now Open

The Brewers Guild of New Zealand Beer Writer of the Year Award aims to recognise outstanding contribution in the media by any individual over the previous calendar year.

The award may be made for media contributions ranging from one outstanding contribution to a collection of contributions that together demonstrate an outstanding annual portfolio. All material must have been made publicly available from May 1st to April 30th over the year preceding the award.

Contribution in the media is not restricted to any one media format and may include a combination of print, television, film or social media amongst others.

Contributions must centre on beer, brewing and/or closely related industry or issues surrounding them. There is no caveat that articles necessarily show the brewing industry in a positive light but contributions should be informative, educational and/or entertaining.

Applicants are asked to submit articles or portfolios. Submissions must include:

  1. A maximum of four portfolio pieces if an applicant has a multi-part or multi-faceted entry
  2. Copies or links to articles as appropriate.  If submitting a published book or any other large files, please submit a sample chapter (limited to 4,000 words).  If the file is large please share via Dropbox (or similar cloud storage provider) with  You may need approval from your Publisher to share with the Brewers Guild and also the Brewers Guild Judging Panel.
  3. A list of the articles that are to be considered for judging
  4. A brief cover letter explaining why the applicant merits the award of Brewers Guild of New Zealand Beer Writer of the Year.
  5. Your full contact details including first and last name, mobile number, and postal and email addresses

The award of Brewers Guild of New Zealand Beer Writer of the Year will be presented at the annual Brewers’ Guild Beer Awards, Saturday 15 September, Trafalgar Centre, Nelson, which all applicants are encouraged to attend.

Last year’s Brewers Guild of NZ Beer Writer of the Year Award winner was Alice Galletly (pictured) – you may know her through her laugh out loud book How to Have a Beer and if you travel anywhere on Air New Zealand you will have read her work in Kia Ora magazine.  

Applications for this year close on Friday 10 August 2018 and can be made via email, cloud, or in writing to the Brewers’ Guild of New Zealand as detailed below:


Contact:  Contact Cathrine van Venrooy on 0210 8169 422 or if you have any questions.

Cathrine Van Venrooy