Applications Open - Morton Coutts Trophy 2018 - Recognising Innovation and Achievement

The Morton Coutts Trophy, sponsored by DB Breweries, is a prestigious award designed to recognise outstanding innovation and/or achievement in the brewing industry of New Zealand.

Applications are now sought from individuals, groups or organisations who would like their innovation/achievements to be considered for the 2018 Morton Coutts Trophy. 

Alternatively, anyone can nominate an individual, group or organisation that they believe meet the outstanding achievement/ innovation criteria.

There is no time-limit which restricting when the achievements or innovation occurred – that is, they may be historical or recent.

Given the potential for widely diverse applications and nominations, there is no specific form to complete, allowing each individual case to be presented in the most appropriate way.

The information provided need not be complex and the interpretation of what constitutes an innovation or achievement is broad. However, the achievements or innovation should be made very clear and the stated achievements or innovation must be supported with strong evidence and/or be able to be easily checked by the judges.

For example, it will help if applications or nominations contain suitable documents or references, also listing any qualified independent referees that can be contacted to verify important facts or details.

There is no restriction on the number of applications or nominations that can be made in any one year.

Also, because of the potential for several deserving candidates applying or being nominated any given year, the Guild encourages those who may be unsuccessful to resubmit in future years.

The Guild encourages all nominators and nominees to attend the Brewers’ Guild of New Zealand Annual Beer Awards Dinner Saturday 15 September, Trafalgar Centre, Nelson where the winner of this prestigious trophy will be announced.

Applications for 2018 close on Friday 10 August and can be made via email or in writing to the Brewers’ Guild of New Zealand as detailed below:


Contact:  Cathrine van Venrooy on 0210 8169 422 or if you have any questions.

Cathrine Van Venrooy