The Brewers Guild and Pink Boots NZ Collaborate for a Safe and Inclusive Brewing Industry

The Brewers Guild of New Zealand and Pink Boots NZ are committed to working together to ensure that the brewing industry in New Zealand is a safe and inclusive place for people to work and socialise.

While the work we are doing in the immediate term is being led by women's voices and experiences this is an industry problem and the activities and solutions will involve everyone in our industry pulling in the same direction. 


About Pink Boots NZ

The Pink Boots Society was created to empower women beer professionals to advance their careers in the Beer Industry through Education.

You can keep up to date with Pink Boots NZ on their website and on facebook and instagram @pinkbootssocietynz

Recent Events

In the past couple of weeks we have seen significant allegations of sexual harassment and assault arise out of the US brewing industry.  While allegations have not been shared as publicly in New Zealand we know that we are not immune to the issues.  In 2019, Stuff reported that they had “found evidence to suggest sexual harassment is endemic in a wide range of industries in NZ.” Sexual assault and harassment is never acceptable.

In recent weeks we also saw racism rear its head in our industry.  Collectively we took a strong stand against that incident but there is always more work to do.

The Brewers Guild and Pink Boots NZ have been working on a range of activities to support diversity in our industry but its clear we need to do more.  So we are announcing our collaboration on a range of activities to help us meet the goal of creating an industry that is welcoming and inclusive to everyone.

You can listen to a conversation between Executive Director, Sabrina Kunz and Kylie Lethbridge, General Manager of the IBA and Tiffany Waldron, President of Pink Boots Society Australia about the issues and what some of the solutions might be.  

For Women to Share their Stories

We know that there are women who want to share their story- either publicly or privately.  There are also women who do not want to.  We respect the choice of women to make their own decisions about what is best for them.

Via Email

For women who would like to privately share their story with the Guild, share an idea about a solution or ask for advice on where to go to find a solution – you can email:

The inbox will be viewed by Sabrina Kunz and Kelly Ockwell.  We will endevour to respond to all of you as quickly as possible but we will read every one of them and make sure that the information informs the steps we are taking.  We will not be sharing the details of any individual email or story beyond the two of us - unless specifically agreed between us and the contributor.  You emails will be treated as confidential.  

Via Instagram

For people that would like to share their stories and suggestions on the change they would like to see in NZ beer industry, they can head to Instagram @nzbeerfam. This account has been set up by Pink Boots NZ to support all in the beer industry (including hospitality) & is a place where you can privately share or ask that it is shared with community. It will be monitored by Alix McEntegart, CJ Janssen & Ava Nakagawa. This account going forward will be supported by Pink Boots & be a space to effect change. 

In Person

For those who would like to speak about the issues with other people, Pink Boots NZ will be co-ordinating a series of regional get togethers for people to share their thoughts and feelings and discuss the issues in a safe space.  Pink Boots in time hope for the regional get togethers to be a place to share but also a place to educate & change long term.   We will share the details of those when they are available. 

For Businesses

We encourage businesses in the brewing industry to review your internal practices and procedures and your Standards of Conduct.  Do your company values and standards and practices create an inclusive and safe place for people to work?

The Brewers Guild has Sample Standards of Conduct and employment agreement templates that address workplace legislative standards in our Member Resources area. 


To Report Harrassment and Assault

There are a range of resources in New Zealand for you to discuss or report harrassment and assault.  If you are in immediate risk of harm please contact New Zealand Police - 111. 

Safe to Talk New Zealand

Is a 24/7 confidential and free Sexual Harm helpline and can help with:

  • contact with a trained specialist at any time, day or night, seven days a week
  • answers to questions about sexual harm
  • information about medical, emotional, and behavioural issues related to harmful experiences
  • explanations of what you might expect if you report to the Police
  • referral to specialists in your area
  • information for family and friends wanting to help someone
  • information and contact with a specialist if you are worried about your own sexually harmful thoughts or behaviour
  • information on or connection/referral to medical practitioners for medical care or forensic medical examination. This can happen without police involvement or while they are making up their minds about whether to contact police.

Our Plan

The solutions are going to continue to evolve as we learn more about the issues and what our industry wants.  In the meantime this is the framework plan that is informing our work.  We will continue to update it and to be as transparent as possible about our thinking and our progress. 


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