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About the Awards

Held annually, the Brewers Guild of New Zealand Beer Awards are held in esteem worldwide due to the reputation of all involved in judging, organising and staging the event, with a world class selection of judges from New Zealand, Australia, America and beyond.  This diversity of background and quality of judge ensures that the Awards have a huge reputation across the globe as one of the most prestigious accolades a brewer can win.

Judging for AWARDS'22

We are pleased to advise, judging for AWARDS'22 will once again take place at Riccarton Park in Christchurch. Judging will take place Wednesday 6th July to Friday 8th July 2022.

Steward to Judge Program

The Brewers Guild of New Zealand will soon be seeking expressions of interest for the 2022 Steward to Judge program. 

The program was formally announced in 2019 and aims to support members of industry in development toward becoming a Judge.  

The program will typically involve 2 years as a Steward, followed by 2 years as a Trainee Judge.  Entry is required at the Steward stage first. Progression to each stage will be based on merit and feedback - progression is not automatic. You may be asked to provide a written reference from a Brewers Guild senior judge to support your application for one stage to the next. 

After four years the individual will be eligible for selection as a Judge for the New Zealand Beer Awards.   Other considerations will include whether the individual is directly involved in brewing and whether they have gained experience in stewarding or judging in other jurisdictions. 

Brewers Guild Stewards are essential to the integrity of the Awards and are responsible for ensuring the judging process is professional and seamless, with a focus on pouring and delivering exhibits to the judging table.  

A Stewards duties typically include:

  • Set up of glassware for judging
  • Pouring beers for judging
  • Tapping kegs
  • Stock control
  • Removing glassware, washing glasses and keeping judging tables in a clean state
  • Ensuring event back of house is in order
  • Ensuring their table judges keep to time

Through the role of Steward, participants gain an invaluable insight to the process for managing and judging a large and complex Beer Awards. Stewards are a crucial part of our competition which we are very grateful for. 

Previous Years' Results

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