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The Brewers Guild's Mission Statement

The Guild’s mission is to grow the value and quality of the New Zealand beer sector while maintaining integrity with its members, the Industry and the public as a whole.

The Brewers Guild of New Zealand operates as a collective voice for the brewing industry. The Guild’s aim is to reflect the majority view of its members in a transparent manner and to act with vision for the future of the New Zealand brewing industry through education, training and communication.


What does the Brewers Guild do?

The Brewers Guild of New Zealand is an Incorporated Society that represents the interests of the brewing industry.  It does this by:

  • Organising New Zealand's annual Beer Awards
  • Negotiating with Government on legal, licensing, fiscal and excise issues
  • Sharing and disseminating information to members through the website and meetings
  • Collecting and disseminating information of value to members regarding laws, provisions, directives relating to brewing in New Zealand
  • Collecting industry statistics
  • Providing a spokesperson who can promote the point of view of the members
  • Educating members and the public
  • Promoting the positive aspects of beer

Dedicated experts with a proven record of success.


Guild Board

The Board is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting.  Nominations will be sought ahead of the 2018 AGM which will be held in Nelson on 14 September. 

There has never been a more exciting time to be on the Board:

  • Helping making the 'Business of Beer' easier;
  • Leading innovative products and services for our members;
  • Helping NZ Breweries reach the world working with NZTE;
  • Getting involved in best practice governance.

The Board are actively seeking to have a strong representation across our membership - with 3 Board members representing Small breweries, 2 Board member representing Medium breweries and 2 Board members representing Large breweries. 


Jonathan Alve
Chairman (DB Breweries)

Emma McCashin
President (McCashins)

Race Louden
Executive (Good George)

Keith Riley
Executive (Lion)


Ralph Bungard
Executive (Three Boys Brewery)

Lucie Campbell
Treasurer (The Lumsden Freehouse)

Joseph Wood
Executive (Liberty Brewing)


Guild Staff


Sabrina Kunz
Executive Director

Cathrine Van Venrooy
Executive Officer





General Enquiries
Please contact the Brewers Guild’s Executive Officer
Cathrine van Venrooy on


Mobile:  021 081 69422

Postal Address
Brewers Guild of New Zealand
PO Box 1023
Christchurch  8140
New Zealand

You can also leave a message using the contact form.


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