Bryce Holloway - Apex Environmental

Bryce joined Apex Environmental in January 2017. Apex Environmental are a design build company who consult on brewery wastewater sustainability and compliance with large and small breweries throughout NZ.

Bryce has a background in process and fluid engineering as well as working in design and prototyping. Bryce has also been involved in project management. He has studied business management at Auckland University focusing on business, commercial law, economics and accounting.

Bryce will be talking about the uniqueness of brewery wastewater compared to other industries, and sustainability as part of a brewery’s brand. Bryce has valued information around the many forms of water treatment and the potential pitfalls to be aware of.  

Through his insightful talk he will be informing brewers so they can recognise that brewery wastewater treatment comes in many forms and many has potential pitfalls. "Hopefully at the end of the presentation, the brewers will at least know what they don’t know and avoid some of the pitfalls of the ill informed."

Another item of value in his presentation is about managing cashflow, upgrading at the right stage of growth and not getting stung with a lemon wastewater treatment plant. "This is a common theme with the breweries I visit through out NZ."

Brewers will also see some NZ food and beverage sustainability thought leaders in the case studies presented. "I think this will demonstrate sustainability does not come at the cost of profitability if it supports your brand (especially in export markets)."

Bryce Holloway

Sandy Hall - The Resilience Institute

Sandy Hall has extensive HR Leadership experience as a member of a Senior Leadership and Exec Team within businesses throughout NZ & Australia. She has helped Executive Teams bring clarity to their employee engagement survey results and planning to build high performance cultures building flexible workforces that are able to transition to meet performance and market demands. As the Best Workplaces Director for IBM she is experienced at employee engagement and employee experience and how this can drive high performance, improve customer experience, absenteeism and improve tenure. She coaches senior leaders, and the C-suite on Leadership, Resilience and how to inspire. Sandy has a real passion for both Employee Experience & Engagement, seeing them as being intimately connected and critical to the wellbeing of employees and a key driver of commercial success of all businesses.

Sandy will be talking about employee wellbeing, and presenting case studies around isolation and working long hours. Sandy has a real passion for employee engagement and experience, and sees them as being intimately connected and critical to the wellbeing of employees and a key driver of the commercial success of all organisations.  

Sandy Hall

Matt Claridge - Cheers

Matt Claridge from Cheers will be talking about promoting sustainability through the lens of moderate and safe consumption of alcohol in New Zealand. Cheers is a social change initiative to create a healthier, safer and more responsible drinking culture in New Zealand. They’ve recently completed a significant research study that has revealed more about the drinking habits of New Zealanders than we’ve seen before.

Cheers is a social change initiative to create a healthier, safer and more responsible drinking culture in New Zealand. Their mission is to strengthen safe and sociable drinking behaviours. Lead by Executive Director Matt Claridge and a Board of Directors, they aim to tackle New Zealand’s problem drinkers through evidenced-based, targeted interventions that address the real reasons behind problem drinking.

Prior to  this role, Mr Claridge was Chief Executive at Water Safety New Zealand – the organisation charged with reducing drownings in New Zealand – where he headed public campaigns that contributed to a reduction in overall drowning figures and a greater awareness of the importance of keeping safe around the country’s beaches, pools and waterways. 

Matt Claridge Portrait small

Kris Herbert - Content NZ

Kris Herbert was a freelance journalist for 20 years before shifting into content marketing. She is a founder and current chair of Content NZ   the New Zealand Content Marketing Association, which provides connection and training for story-driven marketers. She also runs two content consultancies - Co-create and Creative Agent  Last year, Kris collaborated with comedian Shay Horay to create a storytelling platform for brewers and tourists. The Keith Preene Craft Beer Tour of New Zealand is an audio guide that lets brewers provide self-guided brewery tours to visitors anytime - using the powers of the smart phone!

Join Kris for a practical and insightful dive into the power of brand storytelling. Learn how to flesh out your unique and authentic story and how to use it to stand out at every touch point - from your beer labels to your Instagram feed.

Kris Herbert

Derek Orford - Toast Ale

Toast Ale are a brewery in the UK on a mission to prove that the solutions to food waste are delicious. They brew award-winning beer with fresh surplus bread and pour all profits into the environmental charity Feedback to end food waste.

Derek Orford is the former Master Brewer at Toast Ale. Derek qualified as a Master Brewer with the Institute of Brewing & Distilling in 1991, and has since worked around the world in countries like The Bahamas, The Netherlands, Australia, UK, India, and more. In the last few years he’s been consulting for smaller UK and international brewers. He was the Master Brewer with Toast Ale until very recently, when he joined Campden BRI as their Head of Brewing Services

“At Toast Ale, we’re reviving one of the oldest traditions in the world by using surplus bread as a grain for beer. In the UK, (an estimated) 44% of bread is never eaten. We’re on a mission to change that by working in partnership with breweries and bakeries all over the world to create great-tasting beers that are better for the planet.”

Derek will be talking about his experiences with brewing with bread, and their progress so far to reduce food wastage. Derek will also be discussing Toast Ale’s charitable contributions, and community engagement, as well as the road to B-Corp Certification. 


Derek Orford 2 v2

Vicki Yarker-Jones Otago Polytechnic

Vicki is a part-time Senior Lecturer at the Otago Polytechnic School of Nursing, where she began working in 2009, holding a Master of Arts (Applied in Nursing). Her areas of expertise are professional supervision/clinical supervision, primary health and mental health. She lives in Tapanui, enjoys living a rural lifestyle, and is an award winning craft beer brewer. Vicki is a pioneer in formalising beer education in NZ, as well as fundraising by brewing beer. 

Vicki’s studies assess the effectiveness of Hop Pillows for the treatment of insomnia in staff in the healthcare sector. Insomnia is a highly prevalent disorder frequently associated with loss of productivity, poor health outcomes, and higher healthcare utilisation. Commonly used drugs to treat insomnia can be ineffective, side-effect prone, and expensive.  

In this prospective study, in which the female flowers of Humulus lupulus, commonly known as hops, and predominantly used as a beer ingredient, are assessed. Final results of this prospective study will be presented at the ANEC conference in Dunedin, 18th-20th November, 2019.

Vicky Yarker Jones Portrait

Christopher Kerr - DB Breweries

With an extensive career in the brewing supply chain, Christopher Kerr is an expert on driving efficiencies and cost savings while improving customer service. He has worked in a range of different markets and held positions such as Global Director of Continuous Improvement and Supply Chain Director in Greece for Heineken.

Christopher has pulled together three specific case studies that can be applied to any brewing operation to help improve efficiency, reduce energy use, and ultimately help with the sustainability credentials of your operations.  

Chris Kerr

David Procter - Unleashed Software

David Procter is the Marketing Manager for Unleashed Software, a cloud-based inventory management software provider. Coming from a technology marketing background, David has worked for a number of manufacturers and distributors across Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. He is passionate about how small and medium-sized businesses can utilise cloud-based technologies to support the growth of their businesses.

David will be presenting on the use of data and metrics to grow a long-term brewery business. He’ll show why it's important to understand the business of beer, important business metrics you should be measuring, setting KPIs, and what high-growth breweries are doing well.

David Procter

Andrew Higginbotham - Kegstar

Andrew is an enterprising and versatile executive, with more than 15 years of experience across leading blue chip, consumer-focused organisations, through to private equity and high growth early stage companies. He’s a passionate and dynamic leader, with a well-rounded blend of strategic, financial, operational, sales and marketing expertise from around the globe.

Andrew Higginbotham

Ian Kinlac, MC - For The Better Good

Ian has been involved with charity fundraising for the last 32 years, worked for the NZ Police, and has been involved in owning and operating several hospitality venues in the Wellington region. In 1998 Ian founded the Champions Charity Luncheon which has raised over 4 million dollars for six different charities. Now the Director and Business Development Manager of For The Better Good, Ian will be the MC of the BREWNZ’19 Conference and Tradeshow.  

Ian Kinlac MC

Jesse Sigurdsson - Shining Peak Brewing

Born and raised in Taranaki, Jesse Sigurdsson is the Head Brewer and General Manager of Shining Peak Brewing. He’ll be making up one third of a discussion panel at BREWNZ’19 talking about their unique approach to sustainability, caring for people, and the planet.

Shining Peak Brewing, a dream that started at a Christmas party among friends, is now a New Plymouth success story with the philosophy that businesses should be thoughtful towards the benefit and engagement of their local community. Their 5% Project gives 5% of their beer revenue each month to a different local charity or initiative.
“At this rate we are on track to be donating somewhere between $25,000 to $40,000 in our first year which we're really chuffed about.” Jesse Sigurdsson.

Jesse will be on a Speakers Panel alongside Simon Taylor (Fermentist) and Steve Almond (Garage Project)

Jesse Sigurdsson

James Monshing - Yakima Chief Hops

James is the Australia/NZ Regional Sales Manager for Yakima Chief Hops, and comes from a hop growing family from Northeast Victoria, Australia, where he began working with hops in 2007. James is honoured to be a part of the industry and work to connect brewers with the Hop growers from the Yakima Valley and surrounds.

James will be presenting on Yakima Chief Hops sustainability practices. As the largest supplier of American hops in the world, Yakima Chief Hops need to be sustainable. They’ve established best harvest practices, social responsibility policies, and implemented rigorous testing procedures in their facilities and farms to minimise their impact on the earth, and sustain harvest for generations to come.


James Monshing Portrait

Simon Taylor - Fermentist

Simon started working in the beer industry in 1990 and held several key marketing roles looking after some of New Zealand’s largest mainstream beer brands. In what could be described as an early mid-life crisis he decided to become a brewer, and moved to Dunedin to work at Speight’s brewery. Over the course of the next 22 years Simon has worked at 6 different breweries, 2 of which he built and managed, Shed 22 in Wellington and The Fermentist in Christchurch.

A life member of the NZ Brewers Guild, Simon has always tried to breakdown the barriers between large and smaller breweries. Simon has a fundamental belief that there is a place for everyone in the amazing world of beer, and that we are currently the luckiest beer drinkers in generations, with the best array of beers available and the most passionate people involved across the entire industry. 

Simon will be on a Speakers Panel alongside Steve Almond (Garage Project) and Jesse Sigurdsson (Shining Peak Brewing)

Simon Taylor Portrait